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Has your child been attending Maths tuition classes for at least a few months…But with little to no change in results?

Has your child been practicing tons of assessment books, spending countless hours revising her work, even with you coaching her personally... And yet, the time and effort do not translate into better Maths grades?  

Sound familiar? You are not alone....  

Read on if you want to find out more about the Maths-related struggles your child is facing today, and how Unit Transfer Method can help solve these problems… Right Now! 

Dear Parent,  

My name is Sunny Tan, Best Selling Author of the highly acclaimed “Mastering Heuristics Series", which have sold nearly 10,000 copies to date.

Before I wrote the books and set up my centre, I taught Primary and Secondary Maths in various streams.  

Those years of experience equipped me with the knowledge and insight to establish the “Mastering Heuristics Series", which imparts essential techniques that have helped thousands of students to excel in Maths. 

This ingenious methodology has attracted much media interest and was featured in the following, among others:

With more than 2 decades of Maths training experience, I’ve seen how the Primary School Maths syllabus has evolved over the years.  

One particular change that stands out is this – the increasing emphasis on developing students’ problem-solving ability to deal with Maths problems in unfamiliar contexts (i.e. problems they may not have seen before).  

This is a far cry from our generation, when students could easily ace their exams just by rote learning (i.e. memorising based on repetition).  

This means that the “Practice makes Perfect” mantra is no longer applicable to your child, and thus the old-school method of practising tons of assessment books and worksheets simply doesn’t work anymore!  

And as if there isn’t already enough on your child’s plate…he or she ALSO has to solve each question within a general timeframe of only 5 minutes!  

That’s right – your child is expected to have both speed AND accuracy in solving problems that they could be facing for the first time, in order to excel in the Maths exam!  

While this is definitely a tall order, it’s certainly NOT impossible.  

I can say that with utmost confidence, as many of my students have gone on to ace their Maths exam, without wasting time on cumbersome (and confusing!) methods such as model drawing, guess & check and algebra.  

Instead, they mastered my proprietary Unit Transfer Method, a simple yet powerful problem-solving tool that will enable your child to solve 90% of challenging PSLE Maths questions!  

This ONE key problem-solving tool will help your child to effectively analyse and solve problems across a wide range of commonly tested topics, such as whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percentages & ratios…fast! 

Now, if you're as excited as I am for your child to grasp this invaluable technique....  

Here's The Good News....

Not only I’ve written a guidebook that can guide your child through the working of each question step-by-step, showcasing the Unit Transfer Method, so that he or she can see its exact application in action..

I’ve decided to go one step further to almost guaranteed your child total mastery of the techniques with our comprehensive online learning program!...  

You and your child will have exclusive access to the following...

#1 Web Teaching Video  

Teaching video lessons covering 10 MUST KNOW techniques to solve challenging questions involving whole number, fraction, decimal, ratio and percentage - equipping your child with EVERYTHING he or she needs to master the Unit Transfer Method!

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Substantial practice questions for your child to immediately apply what he or she has learnt…and easily conquer such questions with full confidence, and full marks. 

Step-by-step explanation videos are available for all the questions so that parents and students can go through the solutions over and over again for emphasis, right to the last detail

#3 Maths Heuristics App  

Boasting of interactive features, the app will engage your child whatever his or her different learning styles. 

Step-by-step explanations let your child learn systematically and at their own pace.

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Have YOUR questions answered. This delivery mode take learning one step further. You and your child will be able to consult us directly via this platform, thus ensuring that your child's learning doubts will always be clarified "Real-time", no matter what!

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You will get VIP Membership excess to our Facebook Group where we will respond to the questions your child might have when practicing the Unit Transfer Method and all other related questions.

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Let’s Take A Closer Look At How The Unit Transfer Method Can Solve The Following Question, As One Of Many Possible Examples: 

Phew! This question probably seems pretty complicated, right? (But can you imagine – it’s already considered an “easy” question).

Most students would attempt inefficient methods like Guess & Check or Model drawing that waste precious time (much longer than the 5-minute guideline), which are therefore not encouraged even if the correct answer is eventually attained!

Hence, the above solution using the Unit Transfer Method is in fact the most effective way to solve this question in a clear and systematic manner!

Moreover, that’s just the tip of the iceberg…your child potentially faces way more complex questions in the Maths exam. For example: more than 2 parties are involved or multiple changes can be experienced within the same question!

That’s why your child needs this ONE key problem-solving tool to establish his or her confidence in solving these challenging Maths problems, including (and especially!) unfamiliar ones! 

Unit Transfer Method at PSLE – the Evidence... 

Let’s analyse the PSLE Maths Paper over the past 4 years..

If you look at the above table, we can see that Unit Transfer Method can be used to quickly and accurately solve about 11 questions, nearly ⅓ of the PSLE Maths paper from 2013 to 2016 – consistently.

Therefore, as you can see – Unit Transfer Method is an absolutely MUST KNOW problem-solving tool that your child must possess.  

And with that, won’t topping up to an A or even A* be “a piece of cake”?

100% Risk Free Purchase... 

If for whatever reason you feel that these are not for your child, just return us the physical book in person or by mail within those 14 days, and we’ll send you a FULL REFUND.

We offer this because we're very confident in what we do, and we don't want your money if you somehow don't think it works for your child.

Bottom-line: There’s really nothing for you to lose here…but everything for your child to gain.

So why wait any longer?

Your child’s total mastery of the Unit Transfer Method can almost be guaranteed with his or her participation in this online program.

With all these tips and strategies jam-packed into this program, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another platform that can provide your child with all these information.  

In fact, I’m sure you won’t be able to find it anywhere else…because this method was researched, developed and refined by me!

So your child will essentially be learning the Unit Transfer Method straight from the horse’s mouth!  

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