Parents' Webinar (UTM 2018)

[ATTENTION: All Concerned Parents With P4 to P6 Children, Looking For More Help Beyond Tuition Classes To Teach Your Child Maths Problem Sums] 

Parents' Webinar Revealed...

 Unit Transfer Method to help Your Child solve 90% Of Challenging Maths Problems across the topics of Whole Numbers, Fractions, Decimals, Ratios and Percentages!

[Fast Action Bonus] Complimentary Unit Transfer Method ebook With Exclusive Access To Our Comprehensive Online Learning Platform To Support Your Coaching & Your Child's Learning Journey Till Complete Mastery!  

Dear Parents,

This is Kevin, curriculum specialist of Maths Heuristics®.

Your child asked you for help with his math problem sums. You wanted to help but you’ve no idea how to. 

Trust me, I know..  

... trying to teach your child problem solving in Maths can be overwhelming!  

Apart From Tuition, Your Child May Also Be Doing Endless "Drilling" Practice With Past Year Papers And Assessment Books. 

Well. practice makes perfect, right?

Wrong! Certainly not if your child is doing pointless "drilling" practice with the same mistakes being made over and over again...

You see, MOE’s increasing emphasis has been on developing students’ problem-solving ability to deal with Maths problems in unfamiliar contexts (i.e. problems they may not have seen before).  

Hence, these problems cannot be solved via rote learning (i.e. memorising based on repetition), but instead require in-depth understanding and application of heuristics techniques!  

But here’s the shocking factmost students don’t know that!  

That’s because these techniques are embedded in different topics, and are not taught explicitly in self-contained chapters in their own right.  

Yes…rote learning worked in the past. It certainly worked wonders when I was a student way back then (probably worked for you too). But today, it’s a different thing altogether!  

Your Child Have To Solve Each Question Within A General Timeframe Of Only 5 Minutes!

That’s right – Your child is expected to have both speed and accuracy in solving problems that they could be facing for the first time, in order to excel in the PSLE Maths!  

While this is definitely a tall order, it’s certainly NOT impossible.  

The Truth Is Problem Sums Can Be Made Really Simple…  

I can say that with utmost confidence, as many of my students have gone on to ace their PSLE Maths exam, without wasting time on cumbersome (and confusing!) methods such as algebra.

Instead, they mastered my proprietary Unit Transfer Method, a simple yet powerful problem-solving tool that will enable your child to solve 90% of challenging PSLE Maths questions!  

This ONE Key Problem-Solving Tool will help your child to effectively analyse and solve problems across a wide range of commonly tested topics, such as whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percentages, ratios, speed and rate…fast!  

And in case you’re wondering exactly how important Unit Transfer Method is, let’s analyse the PSLE Maths Paper over the past 5 years:  

If you look at the above table, we can see that Unit Transfer Method can be used to quickly and accurately solve about 11 questions, nearly ⅓ of the PSLE Maths paper from 2013 to 2017 – consistently.

Watch what Slyvia (from Mumbai) had to say about our online webinar:

Watch what Kris (from USA) had to say about our online webinar:

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Here's EXACTLY You'll Get During This 4-hour Webinar... All Online, without even leaving your house!  

  • Learn the in-depth of the Unit Transfer Method to tackle any challenging problems across the topics of whole numbers, fractions, decimals, ratios and percentages. 

  • How to reduce the problem-solving time and solve ANY questions within 5 minutes each

  • How to identify the meaning behind keywords and key information so that your child can choose the most effective and efficient strategy to solve them. For example. how do you identify an "Difference Unchanged" scenario and use "Constant difference" to solve it. 

  • How to help your child eliminate careless mistakes...even if he or she is absent minded!

  • Many more proven and powerful tips and strategies involving Unit Transfer Method...solving the "hardest" questions (which are designed to differentiate the A and A* students) and see your child's score increase 10-20 marks instantaneously!  

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1 Day (4 hr) On-Demand Webinar 100% Online | Only $25 22 or 23 Jun | 2PM to 6PM  

That's Not All... Fast Action Bonuses for First 20 Parents To Register! 

Bonus #1 Unit Transfer Method (Digital Version)

Unit Transfer Method guidebook lays out the explanations for Unit Transfer Method application step-by-step, so that you can understand and, in turn, teach your child. 

Bonus #2 Web Teaching Videos 

Teaching video lessons covering 10 MUST KNOW techniques to solve every single type of challenging questions across the topics of whole number, fraction, decimal, ratio and percentage ...equipping your child with EVERYTHING he or she needs to master the Unit Transfer Method!  

Bonus #3 Downloadable PDF Worksheet With Step-By-Step Solutions 

Substantial practice questions from the guidebook for your child to immediately apply what he or she has learnt…and easily conquer such questions with full confidence, and full marks. 

Step-by-step solutions are available for all the examples, so parents and students can go through these solutions over and over again for emphasis, right to the last detail!

Bonus #4 Maths Heuristics® App

Boasting of interactive features, the app will engage your child whatever his or her different learning styles. Step-by-step explanations let your child learn systematically and at their own pace. The app also allows your child to do the workings and share the steps with your friends via emails or on social media platforms. You can also check the answers immediately.

Bonus #5 Virtual Classroom@Tenopy

This delivery mode is arguably the icing on the cake, as our virtual classrooms take learning one step further. You and your child will be able to consult us directly, thus ensuring that your child's learning doubts will always be clarified "real-time", no matter what! These session can be recorded so that you and your child may review as often as you wish.

Bonus #6 VIP Membership To Facebook Group

You will get VIP Membership access to our Facebook Group where we will respond to the questions your child might have when practicing the Unit Transfer Method as well as other related questions.  

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1 Day (4 hr) On-Demand Webinar 100% Online | Only $25 22 or 23 Jun | 2PM to 6PM

All these delivery modes in the platform will continue to support your coaching for your child’s learning and application of the Unit Transfer Method, even though this parent's webinar itself is one-time-off!

Yes, you read that correctly!

All you have to do is to click on the button above (or any button throughout this page) to register for this webinar fast to receive the ENTIRE bonuses free!

Just my way of saying “Thank You!” for your trust and support for you and your child to master the Unit Transfer Method!