Parents' Webinar (SV 2018)

[ATTENTION: All Concerned Parents with P5 & P6 Children, Looking For More Help Beyond Tuition to Teach Your Child Visual Topic of "Area & Perimeter"] 

Parents' Webinar Revealed...

 "Spatial Visualisation Technique" to Solve Any Challenging Area & Perimeter Problems for P5 & P6!

1 Day (3 hr) On-Demand Webinar 100% Online | Only $25 10 or 11 Nov | 2PM - 5PM

[Fast Action Bonus] Complimentary Spatial Visualisation ebook With Exclusive Access To Our Comprehensive Online Learning Platform To Support Your Coaching & Your Child's Learning Journey Till Complete Mastery!  

Although your child is strong in problem-solving and is able to solve most word problems, but when comes to complex Area & Perimeter questions, he or she is stumped and cannot "see"...  

Despite practising tons of worksheets and past year exam papers focusing on this topic, he or she is still unable to tackle such questions when appear in the exam.  

Sound familiar.....

Read on to find out how Spatial Visualisation Technique will save your child from loads of unnecessary and ineffective “drilling”.... and help your child solve ANY challenging Area & Perimeter questions with speed and accuracy, Right Now!

Dear Parents,

My name is Kevin, curriculum specialist of Maths Heuristics®.

Being in the teaching profession has exposed me firsthand to the topics that are designed to separate the best from the rest in the exams.  

And not only do I know what these topics are…more importantly, I also know the exact techniques required to ace these topics.  

So here’s what I’m about to introduce to you right now – the technique which I’ve come to realise is responsible for helping many B scorers jump to an A and A*….. fast!

Introducing The Spatial Visualisation Technique....

Simply put, Spatial Visualisation Technique is the use of the mind’s “eye” to play around with given shapes to solve Area and Perimeter.  

Here’s an example:

Phew! This question probably seems pretty complicated, right? (But can you imagine – it’s already considered an “easy” question by PSLE standards!) Your child potentially faces way more complex problems involving composite shapes in the PSLE Maths exam!  

Hence, since Area and Perimeter questions like the above can only be solved with the student’s ability to “manipulate” these shapes (i.e. mastery of the Spatial Visualisation Technique), especially when every question is different, brute force drilling of such questions will certainly not work.  

That’s why, when these challenging Area and Perimeter questions appear in the exam, your child may not be able to tackle them. Which means they’ll lose precious marks that could eventually cost him or her that coveted A or A* grade!  

That’s why this topic is the No.1 killer that has claimed many victims over the years, and probably your child as well…if he or she does not build the right technique to ace this critical part of the exam.

And in case you’re wondering exactly how important this topic is, here’s some numbers – Area and Perimeter questions can constitute up to 8 marks or even more in the exam, and often appear in Section C of the paper.  

You probably already know that even 1 mark can make a huge difference between a B and A or A and A*…. let alone 8 marks or more!

Therefore, as you can see – Spatial Visualisation is an absolutely essential problem-solving technique that your child MUST possess, because it’ll help him or her to literally see the solution to any Area and Perimeter question posed.

Once your child can do that, all the questions under this topic will be a piece of cake!  

And with that, won’t topping up to an A or A* be “chicken feet”?  

I'm Ready To Save My Spot Now!

1 Day (3 hr) On-Demand Webinar 100% Online | Only $25 10 or 11 Nov | 2PM - 5PM

Here's EXACTLY You'll Get During This 3-hour Webinar... All Online, without even leaving your house! 

  • Have an in-depth understanding of the seven Must Know Spatial Visualisation Technique to tackle any single type of Area & Perimeter challenging problems. 

  • How to reduce the problem-solving time and solve ANY questions within 5 minutes each

  • "Look into the mind” of an experienced Mathematician…and teach your child the ins and outs of the Spatial Visualisation Technique to literally "see" the solution to any Area and Perimeter question posed …*Snaps*…just like that!

  • How to identify the keywords and key information for visual cues and choose the most effective and efficient visual techniques to solve them.

  • Many more proven and powerful tips and strategies involving Spatial Visualisation...solving the "hardest" questions (which are designed to differentiate the A and A* students)!  

I'm Ready To Save My Spot Now!

1 Day (3 hr) On-Demand Webinar 100% Online | Only $25 10 or 11 Nov | 2PM - 5PM

That's Not All... Fast Action Bonuses (worth $350) for First 20 Parents To Register! 

Bonus #1 Spatial Visualisation Technique (Digital Version)

Spatial Visualisation guidebook lays out the application of the techniques step-by-step, so that you can understand and, in turn, teach your child.

Bonus #2 Web Teaching Videos

Teaching video lessons covering 7 MUST KNOW techniques to solve every single type of Area & Perimeter questions, equipping your child with EVERYTHING he or she needs to master the Spatial Visualisation Technique!

Bonus #3 Downloadable PDF Worksheet With Step-By-Step Solutions

Substantial practice questions for your child to immediately apply what he or she has learnt…and easily conquer such questions with full confidence, and full marks. Step-by-step solutions are available for all the examples, so parents and students can go through these solutions over and over again for emphasis, right to the last detail!  

Bonus #4 Maths Heuristics® App

Boasting of interactive features, the app will engage your child whatever his or her different learning styles. Step-by-step explanations let your child learn systematically and at their own pace. The app also allows your child to do the workings and share the steps with your friends via emails or on social media platforms. You can also check the answers immediately. Learning is now more effective — and more fun!  

Bonus #5 Virtual Classroom  

This delivery mode is arguably the icing on the cake, as our virtual classrooms take learning one step further. You and your child will be able to consult us directly, thus ensuring that your child's learning doubts will always be clarified "real-time", no matter what! 

Bonus #6 VIP Membership To Facebook Group

You will get VIP Membership access to our Facebook Group where we will respond to the questions your child might have when practicing the Spatial Visualisation Technique as well as other related questions.  

I'm Ready To Save My Spot Now!

1 Day (3 hr) On-Demand Webinar 100% Online | Only $25 10 or 11 Nov | 2PM - 5PM

All these delivery modes in the platform will continue to support your coaching for your child’s learning and application of the Spatial Visualisation Technique, even though this parent's webinar itself is one-time-off!

Yes, you read that correctly!

All you have to do is to click on any button throughout this page to register for this webinar fast to receive the ENTIRE bonuses free!

Just my way of saying “Thank You!” for your trust and support for you and your child to master the Spatial Visualisation Technique!